The Gateway Of The Deep-rooted Heritage To The Present

One of the owners of this ancient heritage, Koza Agro family is working to deliver the products to the whole world by targeting to produce healthy food in Turkey and deliver them to the table in its purest form since 2002.

Defining itself as “the gateway of the deep-rooted heritage to the present”, Koza Agro made it business to protect this heritage and pass it on to the new generations.

Growing based on the vision of the founders Zafer YİĞİT and Muzaffer YİĞİT, Koza Agro works with its investments in the production center equipped with the most advanced technologies, experienced staff and a daily production capacity of 100 tons.

Koza Agro integrated internationally as a group under the roof of FAGO GLOBAL in 2018.

Today, it exports 44 products to 34 countries, primarily to the European Union countries, the Middle East and Far East, under its registered brands “Sezer Agro” and “Dane”.

Our AA Level BRC Food safety certificate has proved our understanding in quality and safety.